Growth Strategies M&A vs Strategic Alliances | 23-25th October | Mallorca

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Growth Strategies: M&A vs Strategic Alliances

23-25 October 2019 I Mallorca

The travel and tourism industry faces challenging as well as exciting opportunities for growth.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances offer to play an essential role in tapping into new sources of revenues, market share, and innovation.

Acquisitions and Strategic Alliances can empower travel companies to transform because they can give access to technology, disruptive products, and services as well as new areas for expansion, (such as health and wellness, excursions/tours and retail) without the company losing focus on its core competencies.

Creating a blended approach of academic theory and travel industry expertise the growth strategy programs aims to enable participants to :

  1. Decide which growth strategy is better considering the company’s objectives, business model and capabilities
  2. Design some successful M&A and/ or SA strategies that are consistent with the company’s vision, business model, and culture
  3. Manage  the ongoing relationship
  4. Implement M&A and SA strategies that will deliver planned growth success
  5. Understand the application in travel & tourism specially


The program has been designed for executives and business leaders of travel companies who are planning to engage in growth strategies through M&A and/or Strategic Alliances.

Those working in the following areas will also benefit:

C-level executives: CEOs, Managing Directors, Corporate Directors, CFOs, Head of Corporate Finance.

Executives and managers directly or indirectly involved in acquisitions/alliance activities.

Managers with corporate development planning and finance responsibilities.

Senior Executives responsible for Growth, General Counsels, M&A and Capital Markets Directors.

Why choose it

  • JSF  is an educational initiative for the travel industry.
  • Content: Adapted to the characteristics and challenges of the travel sector.
  • Expertise: professors are seasoned practitioners in the travel industry who have succesfully implemented M&A strategies and investment bankers and consultants who work closely with travel companies.
  • Methodology: lectures, case studies, class exercises, role plays and discussion panels.
  • Tourism & Travel Networking



Day 1 Wednesday, 23rd of October

Session 1 Consolidation trends in the T&T market
Session 2 Defining a winning growth strategy: mergers & acquisitions vs strategic alliances
Session 3 The M&A process and key players involved
Session 4 Selecting the best target
Session 5 Ensuring an effective due diligence process

Day 2 Thursday, 24th of October

Session 1 Valuation Methods
Session 2 Negotiating of a deal: key factors for success
Session 3 Financing and Capital structure
Session 4 Contracts in M&A and Strategic Alliances
Session 5 Post-merger integration best practices

Day 3 Friday, 25th of October

Session 1 Strategic Alliances & Partnership strategy: overview, key factors for success and models
Session 2 Selecting the best partner. Structuring the alliance
Session 3 Managing alliances: recognize pitf alls, monitor performance and readjust collaboration
Session 4 Building leadership team & management processes
Session 5 Bridging the cultural gaps


Program Highlights


Consolidation and collaborative trends in the Travel & Tourism market

The scale has become a priority for T&T companies and further consolidation can be expected both as offensive and defensive strategic movement to drive growth, reduce business costs, and keep abreast of technological innovation. Acquisitions and collaborations through strategic alliances, can offer travel companies considerable benefits without the risk of losing focus on their core competencies.

Defining a winning growth strategy: mergers acquisitions vs strategic alliances

Although M&A has traditionally been the preferred inorganic growth option, the speed of disruption in technology and business models has made strategic alliances increasingly attractive. The session will enable you to look at both options to understand why each has its benefits, and more importantly which works better for your business.

The M&A process, timing and key players involved in the deal

This session offers an overview of a M&A operation and the different steps of the deal cycle.

Selecting the best target

Once a strategy has been defined, possible targets must be screened, ranked, and a selection made. This session will examine how to avoid costly mistakes, as well as to recognize deal breakers.

Valuation techniques

The program examines different valuation methods and how the use of technology is now enabling businesses to seek higher multiples.

Negotiation of a deal: key factors for success

This session will equip participants with the negotiation skills that will help them obtain the best deal.

Structuring and financing the deal

This session will focus on how to structure a deal and choose a financing vehicle to maximize benefits. You will also look at how to set up Clean Team, Merger Control Filings, and the fact that Conduct of Business between signing and closing might be restricted per gun-jumping rules.

Post-merger integration best practices

This session will offer the tools and best practices to integrate both organizations to ensure that growth and synergy objectives are met.

Strategic Alliances as growth drivers

Participants will learn about the power of strategic alliances to generate new business opportunities, enter new markets, acquire new skills and keep abreast of disruptive innovations.

Selecting the best partner. Structuring the alliance

This session will help participants identify the ideal partner after analyzing their corporate culture, business model, risk and innovation appetites, skills, viability and readiness for an alliance.

Buildings leadership team & management processes

Once the appropriate partner fit has been found and the structure is designed, the implementation of a strategic alliance is not an easy task. Good leadership and clear management processes are essential to promote collaboration and growth.

Bridging the cultural gaps

This session explores successful strategies to manage cultural differences, especially relevant in long-term alliances.

What happens after the alliance if formed? Managing alliances

Participants will examine potential pitfalls that can jeopardize the alliance’s success and how to readjust collaboration as circumstances change. The session will also cover renegotiation of terms and resolution of conflicts.



Alex Luzarraga is Vice President Corporate Strategy, Amadeus. Alex has the global responsibility of proposing, aligning and co-ordinating the global strategy of the company. This includes a number of activities from carrying out analysis and studies on specific sectors and companies to execute the right partnerships, ventures and M&A activity. Alex also has the direct responsibility over the company’s long term product strategy.


Alfredo Riera is Managing Director, Rothschild. Alfredo has 14 years of corporate finance experience advising on mergers and acquisitions, capital markets transactions (both equity and debt), across a number of sectors and with special focus on energy. leisure, travel and hospitality. Alfredo joined Rothschild & Co in 2005. He previously worked from ABN AMRO and Uría y Menéndez.


Avi Goldberg is Managing Director & Hospitality Lead, Rothschild Avi is global head of the bank’s hotels and leisure franchise, covering hotels, tour operators, eating and drinking, gaming and entertaining and has 29 years Investment Banking experience. He has advised on numerous transactions across most sectors including consumer goods, leisure, retail, industrials, financial services, technology and automotive ranging from large complex multi-billion dollar transactions to smaller $100m transactions. Avi began his career as a chartered accountant at Coopers & Lybrand.

Andrés García-Tenorio is Finance & Strategy Director at Hotelbeds. He joined Hotelbeds in 2004 and
has led the fi nance functi on fore more than 14 years, forming part of the new leadership team following both Tourico Holidays and GTA joining the group in 2017. He has been recognized as one of the top 100 Finance Directors in Spain on several occasions since 2009 and in 2016 one of the top 25 most innovati ve CFOs in Spain by Expansión.


Balvinder Powar has an extensive experience leading business, social, cutural, media and technology projects in Spain and internati onally. He leads Booster Space Industries and AERDRON, companies with innovative international Aerospace projects/consultancies with important stakeholders globally.
He is also an Adjunct Professor and Business Mentor at IE Business School.



Leopoldo González heads the Madrid offi ce’s Financial Services Regulatory practice at
Herbert Smith Freehills. As part of the overall mercanti le law practi ce, he brings a wealth
of knowledge, from his more than two decades of extensive experience in various roles
within the public and private sectors


Raúl Portela is currently the Co-founder of Chicmobilia, a luxury development company for residential real estate in prime locations across Madrid. He was the Managing Director at Morga Stanley Investment Banking Division, leading the FIG teams in Iberia. Mr. Portela has over 19 years of experience in investment banking and has worked in more than fifty successfully completed M&A and capital markets transactions. Prior Morgan Stanley, Mr. Portela also worked at Deutsche Bank. He holds an MSC in economics at ICADE .


Paul Anthony is responsible for implementation efficiency and productivity programmes as well as integrating acquisiti ons into the group. He is an authoritati ve source on many aspects of the online travel world, with over 20 years experience in the travel world, rangi from contracting and negotiating with customers and suppliers, to good overall knowledge of technology, and the best way to apply to business issues.


General Information

Duration:  2 days

Next Start: 23-25 October 2019 in Mallorca

Tuition Fee: €2.950 including sessions, coffee breaks, lunches and materials

Location:  Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

How to Apply: To Apply for the program please send us the complete application form or email us at . Upon admission, 20% of the fee must be paid. Full payment is due 30 days before the start of the program.

Guest Speakers: JSF Travel & Tourism School brings together some of the sharpest minds in the industry to discuss the trends, challenges , and future of the travel and tourism industry. Participants receive useful insights from wolrd-class leaders. It is a unique opportunity, to learn about innovative ideas that can be put into profitable action. 

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JSF Travel & Tourism Business School
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