About JSF T&T School

Mission and Strategy



JSF Travel & Tourism is a truly unique global initiative with the aim of providing executive education for business leaders and innovators in travel & tourism. The school was set up to fulfil a missing need in our industry today, educating, developing and innovating our leaders for tomorrow.

JSF Travel & Tourism will help our industry undergo a sustainable and innovative development, enabling individuals to carry out a fruitful professional career thereby providing our society to benefit from industry values to move towards a better future.

Our programs are designed to shape your foundation in general management, bolster your leadership skills and connect you to a global network of peers.



JSF T&T School is promoted by a selected group of companies in the travel & tourism industry with connections in different sectors and geographic areas.

World Travel & Tourism Council’s latest annual research shows Travel & Tourism’s contribution to world GDP grew for the fifth consecutive year in 2015, rising to a total of 9.8% of world GDP (US$7.2 trillion). In total, Travel & Tourism supported 284 million jobs in 2015 (1 in 11 of the world’s total). The total impact of talent gaps and deficiencies, including indirect and induced impacts, could cost the global economy approximately 14 million jobs and nearly US$610 billion in GDP.

We all need a strong basis of knowledge & talent to anticipate the continuous changes in our business that will undoubtedly accelerate over time. We all want for travel & tourism to play a role in international education according to its relevance in the world economy. Similarly, we all travel & tourism should actively impact social and political decisions.